Increased Revenue, Decreased Losses​

I. Solid Contracts​

Success from the Start 
A solid contract at the start can maximize protection and save revenue in the future. The team at INC Solutions reads through each contract and works to negotiate every detail and point of concern. The result is a strong contract with two happy parties that yields long term success.  INC Solutions also handles all the confusing paperwork from credentialing to network participation for new and established facilities.

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II. Liaison Services

Support when you need it 
We offer education to all staff members to ensure that the billing, marketing, and admission departments are empowered to avoid costly mistakes. The staff in our clients’ facilities know to check with us before denying any admission as often we can work insurance approval. Our experienced approaches enable us to work with insurance companies to ensure that mistakes involving network status, coding, or billing don’t become costly.

INC Solutions puts a face to the voice answering the 1-800 number.