Closing the Gap between ​Insurance & Healthcare Providers


Contract negotiation for better terms and rates


Liaison services and staff education for smoother operations


Navigation of complex requirements to minimize take backs


Simplifying the Complexities of Insurance Across the Nation​​

INC Solutions was established by Shuli Berger in 2018 to assist SNF providers with their complicated insurance needs. With communication, education and direction; INC Solutions strives to build a relationship that carries forward to benefit all parties.

INC Solutions steps in for the local community as well, building strong relationships between providers, members and their insurance companies. INC Solutions has also built relationships with many community medical organizations and assists and educates them in the insurance processes.


I. Solid Contracts

INC Solutions negotiates contract rates and also terms focusing on potential points of concern to obtain the best contract for your facility.

III. Liaison Services

INC Solutions helps your staff navigate everyday processes and complexities related to admissions, billing, authorizations and overpayment requests.

II. Staff Education

INC Solutions educates all levels of staff on the aspects of insurance relevant to their job description. This helps maximize revenue and minimize losses for your facility.

IV. Reimbursement Retention

Familiarity with insurance processes and knowledge of contract details allows INC Solutions to guide your staff on retaining your reimbursement.

INC Solutions puts a face to the voice answering the 1-800 number

Increased Revenue, Decreased Losses​

I. Solid Contracts​

Success from the Start
A solid contract at the start can maximize protection and save revenue in the future. The team at INC Solutions reads through each contract and works to negotiate every point of concern. The result is a strong contract  that yields long term success.  INC Solutions also handles all the confusing paperwork from credentialing to network participation for new and established facilities.

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II. Liaison Services

Support when you need it 
INC offers education to all staff members to ensure that the billing, marketing, and admission departments are empowered to avoid costly mistakes. The staff in our clients’ facilities know to check with us before denying any admission as often we can work insurance approval. Our experienced approaches enable us to work with insurance companies to ensure that mistakes involving network status, coding, or billing don’t become costly.

Insurance is complicated for the uneducated, and even more so when coupled with a medical crisis.
INC Solutions fields calls nationwide from families trying to navigate their health insurance authorization process. We help clarify network opportunities, obtain authorizations and work with families to help clarify their benefits.
We collaborate with local organizations to build mutual relationships, trust and understanding between communities and their local insurance companies, educating both sides for smoother operations.






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